There’s no doubt this man loves what he does. Playing Friday from 9-10:30 pm there was not one pause in his set. True to his name, Bassnectar blasts deep bass beats and heavy tempos like no other. By 9:15 the starshine stage was packed with hundreds of writhing bodies and thousands of flying glow sticks. I’d have to say that glow sticks were an integral part of the night shows, no matter who was playing. Bassnectar started his set off slow with soft beats and lulling vocals, but it didn’t last long. Once he got going and eased into his hardcore set the crowd was ready to dance. When he started his beat to Boombox, one of his tracks off of his 2009 LP Cozza Frenzy everyone went crazy. Starting off with soft pulsing bass bodies swayed and waited patiently for the beat to drop. Sure enough, echoing vocals came in and the bass beat dropped as the crowd jumped and pulsed to the beat.      

With the sun gone, energy was at an all time high and the bronzed bodies in front of the stage had not one care in the world.  Towards the end of Boombox, the beat slowed down a bit as Bassnectar eased into another one of his newer tracks, Bass Head, off of his album Timestretch that was just released at the end of March this year. With less vocals and more pounding bass the crowd never sat still once to this beat. A bit slower than Boombox, everyone had a chance to regroup a bit of energy as they swayed and pulsed to the deep bass and omni-tempo beat. Going hard throughout the whole show, Bassnectar’s long, dark hair was swaying back and forth as he DJ’ed his set and covered his face as he bobbed up and down to his own hard beats. Checking in with the crowd now and then he would shout into the mic, “how ya doing out there summer camp?!” Each time he was always met with a loud, screaming reply to show that everyone at his set was fully satisfied. Tired, burnt and energy-sucked from the sun I had to call it quits towards the end of his set, but as I walked away from the stage through hot, sweating bodies I could see the stage area packed with hundreds upon hundreds of bodies throwing glow sticks and dancing to the beats. Back at the tent I could hear Bassnectar still rocking out his set and voices screaming, not wanting his set to end. The only thing I wanted from Bassnectar was to see him play another set. But I’m sure that in the future I will once again see Bassnectar and his dark hair sway back and forth to his sick bass beats as I dance the night away. 
[Check out Bassnectar’s new album, Timestretch. It has 5 tracks and 3 remixes. Some pretty good stuff]   

Bassnectar starting his set at Summer Camp 2010. At the end of the clip he goes into his first track ‘Here We Go’. Ohhh how I wish I was back here:

Cant get enough of hisss sound. Catch the guy saying “oh my lord?’ haha

Bassnectar – Bass Head     


~ by frantunes on May 31, 2010.

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