Summer Camp 2010, Anyone Have a Spray Bottle?

the day scene by the starshine stage


 Pack up your sunscreen, tent and glow sticks, we’re going to summer camp! Taking place a week later than last year, the 10th Annual Summer Camp Music Festival was held May 27-30th, featured over 55 bands and to say that they rocked out every day is an understatement. Housing well over 1,500 people the festival was alive each day from 11 am to 4 am. The festival held a variety of genres but house and electronic music took over the scene for most of the days, at least it did for this girl. With Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, The Hood Internet, BoomBox, The Orchard Lounge and Future Rock the vibes were floating through the air all day and night. Rebelution and Steel Pulse took over the reggae scene and jam bands like Family Groove Company, Rey Payton’s Big Damn Band and others rocked their sets. To top it off iconic bassist Victor Wooten and his band brought a huge crowd to the stage in the thick of the heat. It must be said that I am not one to camp, anywhere, but this weekend dirty feet, port-a-potties, one shower and waking up in the scorching heat did not bother me one bit; with the exception of Saturday. The sun was in full force and beating down hard forcing shade, water and rest to be a top priority. But when the sun went down and the moon rose all bets were off and all energy restored. Although the sun wasn’t letting up for anyone the music kept going and thousands of ears were there to listen, dance and sweat profusely. The bands that awed me the most were Pretty Lights, Steel Pulse, BoomBox, Bassnectar, Future Rock and The Orchard Lounge.  Read on for a more in-depth view of some of these bands!


~ by frantunes on May 31, 2010.

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