‘Sometimes, I get a good feeling’

Pretty Lights


Pretty Lights was, hands down, the best show at Summer Camp this year. Having only listened to a couple songs before seeing them Saturday night on yet again, the starshine stage, I was blown away. As the sun set on the hottest day of the festival, Pretty Lights started their show at 8:15 to a bright orange and pink sky for a backdrop as the sun set. After a long day of being cooked well-done by the blazing sun they were the perfect beginning to a cool breezed, energy packed night. We traipsed through the dirt trails to the stage pretty early and staked out our standing area to the left of the stage. Within 20 minutes of being there the area by the stage and yards out was packed once again with bodies ready to vibe out to the set.     

From the time they began their set to the very last second of it my body did not stop moving once. Equipped with bottles of water and a spray bottle my friends and I were ready for an hour of Pretty Lights. Crossing a handful of genres, the music of Pretty Lights varies from track to track. The creation of Derek Vincent Smith of Colorado, Pretty Lights is a combination of mixed hip-hop beats, funky synth bass notes and always interesting vocals. Accompanied by Coby Eberhard on live performances, the two together created a sound that was unmatched at Summer Camp. When the duo began to play one of their biggest tracks, “Hot Like Sauce” off their album Filling up the City Skies (Disc 2) the sea of bodies jumped up and down to the funky beat. Pulsing, light saber bass, blasting brass notes and funky, hip hop vocals burst through the speakers and vibrated through the dancing bodies in front of them. During most of the shows at Summer Camp there were random people that would walk through the crowd and spray everyone with a spray bottle, but for Pretty Lights they must have placed their spray bottles aside and rocked out to the beat like everyone else, because they were non-existent. As day became night the entire crowd was covered in blotches of neon orange, pink, green and blue as glow sticks shot into the air and landed into the sea of sweating bodies.     

Like other DJ’s, Pretty Lights builds up the beat to a point, pauses and lets the beat drop, making the crowd’s energy soar with the drop; but Pretty Lights does this best. Each time the beat drop in any track that they performed the bodies in front of the stage pulsed with more energy than any show that entire weekend.  With a huge LCD-screen behind them flashing psychedelic visuals and ever-changing vibrant colors, it was impossible to sit still or be disappointed. Somewhere towards the middle of their set, Pretty Lights played another one of their most known tracks titled* “Finally Moving” which samples “Private Number” by Judy Clay and William Bell, adding to their soul influence.  As the track started out slow with a soulful guitar riff and eased into a sick scratch-session the crowd didn’t miss a beat and shouted with the vocals screaming “sometimes, I get a good feeling.”  Being one of the couple songs that I actually knew ahead of time it was impossible not to sing along and dance to the beat. As another scratch session ensued I looked up at the sky as the sun set, closed my eyes and listened.  If I hadn’t seen any other show at Summer Camp after Pretty Lights, I would have been the most satisfied camper because this show was above and beyond amazing. Searching for the next Pretty Light’s show in the Chicago-land area is a must.
*”Finally Moving is off of their album Taking Up Your Precious Time     

Pretty Lights – Hot Like Sauce at Summer Camp 2010

Pretty Lights – Hot Like Sauce


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