BoomBox’s Visions of Backbeat



BoomBox’s album Visions of Backbeat has quickly filled up the “Most Played” section of my iTunes ever since I saw them play live at Summer Camp. Their laid-back style and soothing beats are never boring and have yet to disappoint. “Stereo”, the first track on the album, sets the tone with smooth guitar riffs, jumping synth beats and saxophone notes. To bring it all together, Zion Rock Godchaux’s soft voice soothes as he sings lyrics that force my mind to float off into the sky. It’s the lyrics to this song that really caught my attention the first time I heard it starting out with “cool breeze, through the trees/hear it shakin’ to the ground/then go breaking up.”  As the soulful, relaxing beat ensues Godchaux continues “tangerine was on the scene with a burning purple sky as a backdrop.”  

Perhaps the thing I like most about this album is its non-stop flow from one track to the next. “Stereo” never really ends but rather flows perfectly into the next track “Tonight” that boasts the same type of saxophone in the interlude but develops its own tone as Godchaux comes in with the lyrics and Randolph’s funky beats switch to a funkier beat. After “Tonight” the album switches from a jumpy, upbeat tone to a darker one as “Midnight on the Run”, one of the best tracks, starts off with an eerie, echoing beat and a deep bass. Obscure in both the beat and the lyrics this track and its repetitive chorus “better put em on your dancing shoes” had me occupied for quite a long time. To pick up from the darker tone of this track, “Who Killed Davey Moore” comes in and exposes the duo’s southern roots with more of a bluegrass, fast paced guitar riff and soulful jazz notes accompanied by a flute. “500 Miles”, another track that has taken up a lot of my ear space, brings the album to a close with an airy, uplifting saxophone beat and bumping bass; the combination of these two sounds is at its best on this track.  

Overall BoomBox mixes funky synth beats with soulful jazz and guitar riffs to create a combination that is unlike any other sound. The perfect flow and vibe of this album will leave you dancing, contemplating decisions and losing your mind to the clouds all at once. BoomBox hasn’t had an album released since 2005, which is a damn shame, but hopefully their summer tour will incite them to write more tracks and release a new album for our ears to further take delight in. 

***BoomBox will be in Chicago on July 31 at the Wicker Park music festival.***


~ by frantunes on June 8, 2010.

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