Ready Bass Heads?


Lorin Ashton/Bassnectar

Only a couple months after Bassnectar awed the crowd at Summer Camp the bass heads of Chi-town will get a chance to see the ultimate bass head at work once again.

On August 21 Bassnectar will be performing at the House of Blues for only $28. 
Repeat: only twenty-eight dollars. By the time this show comes around Bassnectar will have finished his officical summer festival hopping and have started up on his Fall 2010 tour. The tour will kick off in San Bernandino, CA  (tid bit: Lorin Ashton is from San Fran) and will end in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory.

Bassnectar just released his new EP titled “Timestretch” in March so this show will undoubtedly include a couple hot tracks like “Basshead” and “Here We Go”, both of which were very well received at Summer Camp.

For a show like Bassnectar’s this ticket seems like a steal. Assured, if you have the money and spend it on this ticket, your money will be very well spent. Not only does the show start at midnight on a Saturday night, but his show is somewhat of an after party. Earlier in the night over at Aragon Ballroom STS9 will be performing at 6 pm.
If you’re not familiar, Sound Tribe Sector Nine is an instrumental rock/electronic/jam band from Santa Cruz, California. Much like Pretty Lights (just with different steez) STS9 blends genres and crosses musical elements to create an amazing, often serene-like sound. Their ticket price is a bit more pricey at $34.75.

With Sound Tribe starting the night off and Bassnectar ending it August 21st will be one of those memorable summer nights. Don’t miss out on it.
Click here to pick up Bassnectar tickets
Click here to grab Sound Tribe tickets

P.S. Guaranteed these tickets will disappear soon so if you’re interested you should grab ’em ASAP.


~ by frantunes on July 20, 2010.

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