Some Bass For Your Face

Bassnectar, House of Blues, Aug. 21, 2010


 Straight goosebump-inducing bass. For a straight two and a half hours every inch of the House of Blues moved as marionettes to Bassnectar’s pulsing, intoxicating beats. Although each entered individually, the countless heads that packed themselves onto the main floor for the show quickly moved as one as soon as Bassnectar a.k.a. Lorin Ashton started up his set.
In his seemingly never-ending set, Ashton covered almost every genre of music. Towards the beginning Ashton pumped the already crazy crowd up with a mix using the Beastie Boys track ‘Watcha Want’ emphasizing “this time I’m losing my mind.”
No kidding.
There was not one body standing still as he weaved out of Beastie Boys and into the Mario theme.From there he took the energy to another level as he started one of his most popular beats ‘Basshead’.
Perhaps what amazed me most about this show was how Ashton stepped onto the stage, casually said hey, started off his set and worked to bring the crowd to near-impossible energy levels. Not with words or his own energy, which was undoubtedly very high, but strictly with his beats. With the bass.
Just when you thought you couldn’t get more hype, that you couldn’t move or dance any harder, Ashton weaved into a new beat and pushed the energy in the room to an even higher voltage. And that was the name of the game throughout the whole show. At one point he grabbed the mic he had next to him and said, “Can you feel all the energy in this room right now?”
Towards the middle of his set Ashton began his track ‘Teleport Massive’ off Cozza Frenzy LP. As the bass came hard and Zumbi’s voice flowing over the track boasted “all I wanna do is teleport massive” bodies went crazy and just about everyone in the venue got hype and jumped to the beat. Once again the energy level jolted to another high.
Before he took a short breather at 2:40 AM, Ashton sampled one of Passion Pit’s popular tracks “Little Secrets“.
After almost everyone sang “higher and higher and higher” Ashton stood back for a minute, grabbed some water and said “this is my time to take a short break!” and let a lulling, relaxing beat flow through the air.
By the end of his set, Bassnectar sampled and mixed in tracks from Deftones, Metallica, Nelly Furtado and so many others. 
After ending his show twice and coming back for more, Ashton alluded to his next show in October at the Riviera Theater and ended his set for real at 4 AM sampling Aphex Twin’s “Windlowlicker”. **
I am 110 percent positive that if he had wanted to let his set go to 6 AM every person in the crowd would have stayed to the end. After having seen Bassnectar at Summer Camp and experiencing a show like never before there, I was prepared for an amazing, energy-packed show. But even that show, where thousands of people stood in the middle of a field and pulsed to Ashton’s bass-in-your-face beats, could not have prepared me for the amount of energy and appreciation that flowed through the crowd on Saturday.
Before the show someone had said that they were told this would be one of the best shows they would ever see. That Bassnectar shows were somewhat of a ‘religious experience’. I had to laugh at a show being compared to something like that but after witnessing Ashton at work up-close and seeing how he can work a crowd, I can understand the metaphor.
I asked my friend after the show if she knew now what that person had meant. “Oh, I know exactly what they meant,” she said with wide eyes. “That was amazing.”       

**If you haven’t seen the video for this track yet, it’s a must see. Possibly the oddest and most random video ever, but necessary viewing material. Come on, click>>> Aphex Twin – Windowlicker     

and some bass for your face:


heyy Bassnectar!



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