Summer’s Last Stand

Alriiight, so it’s Tuesday and my brain has had just enough rest to squeeze out a couple details on the lovely North Coast festival that took place this past weekend at Union Park.
First and foremost, for its first year running North Coast ran smoothly and undoubtedly pleased thousands of Chicagoans over Labor Day weekend for summer’s last stand.

Upon first glance, the stage set-up in Union Park seemed flawed and made many people wonder how, and if, it was going to work. There were three stages set up the first day and four stages set up the remaining two days. The two main stages, the Groupon stage and the North stage were so close that some thought there would be a sound overlap and that certain shows would be disturbed by the beginning of others.
Fortunately, this never happened.
The time slots and stages were set up so that no two stages next to each other had artists performing at the same time. The only time shows came close to overlapping was on the last day with Lupe Fiasco’s show and Nas and Damien Marley’s show. Towards the end of Lupe’s show his mic was turned down slightly so Nas and Damien Marley could begin their show precisely at 8:30 pm.
Aside from that slightly odd transition, every show was timed perfectly and the artists adhered to the time slots they were given. Paul van Dyk started a half hour late on Friday but still stuck to his alloted time and ended his set at the scheduled time so that Pretty Lights would have his full hour.

Although this was supposed to be summer’s last stand it seemed as though summer had left us the day North Coast began. Friday was a chilling wake-up call that Autumn is nearing. Dressed in summer festival gear (jeans and a tank top)  I, along with most of my friends, shivered and shook the first night with the low at 52 degrees. Thankfully, Pretty Lights and the Chemical Brothers’ large crowd provided some warmth.

I think it’s safe to say that North Coast had a successful first year and I would be surprised if it didn’t continue next year.


~ by frantunes on September 7, 2010.

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