Amy Winehouse has recorded new album

Amy Winehouse. Photo by Rama via WikiMedia.

With bitter cold and pounds of snow being dropped onto my beautiful city the past couple of weeks it’s no surprise to me that I am craving comfort. Any kind of comfort will do, be it my huge grey sweatshirt, bowls of pasta or soup or visions of sitting in front of my sister’s crackling fireplace with a Karen Abbott book.
When those don’t suffice, I turn to comfort music. Mellow, soothing vocals against flowing jazzy notes. Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Nora Jones and, yes, Amy Winehouse. Her smoky, deep voice warms me almost as much as that huge grey sweatshirt.

As I recently read, much to my delight, Amy Winehouse is officially back in it.

Remember back in July when it was stated that Winehouse would come back with a new album by January 2011? Well, it may be past January, but Amy Winehouse has finished recording her new album and has had a couple recent tour dates in Brazil.  A lot of people doubted Winehouse’s return since her struggle with drug addiction and very public relationship issues but it seems she has put those doubts to rest. According to Music2Nite  Winehouse has been staying in St. Lucia where she recorded her album and also met with Cee Lo Green to record a track. Apparently Cee Lo stated that he wouldn’t leave the island until the two finished the track.

Winehouse also mentioned that those who liked her second album, Back to Black, will definitely like her new album since they have a similar sound. A source close to Winehouse stated in a blog that “Amy’s album is entirely finished, so it’s just a case of the record company deciding when to release it.”


and some Billie for the lonely hearts:


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