Chitown Step

Diplo in Jamaica. Photo by Mad Decent photographer Shane McCauley via WikiMedia.

Ughhh errr…pardon my tardiness for informing some of you of the dopeness that is about to take place this Friday at The Mid.
Now I know a good handful of the people I like to call my friends are well informed; kudos to you.
For those who are unaware [insert sad face], Diplo is coming to the Windy Friday and will be throwing down at the Mid.

Let’s have a little history sesh on this super funky and lovely man. Diplo is a Philadephia-based DJ who also heads and manages the Mad Decent record label. Him and another producer, Switch, are also the producers of the electro-house, reggae fusion creation that is Major Lazer. His mixes span a large range of genres and can’t really be pigeon-holed into one specific category, which makes him and his music all the more interesting.

The Mad Decent record label is home to a handful of dope artists, some including Rusko, Major Lazer, Crookers, Bonde Do Role and, ahem, Andy Milonakis. We’ll let that last one slide, but it’s a pretty nice label.

If you didn’t know about Diplo’s show, don’t worry it’s surprisingly not sold out, yet. Tickets are $25 and with the service charge it comes out to about $30. Now, get your fingers moving and purchase those tickets before they’re all gone!

Click here to be directed to the Mid’s site.

The Mid is a new-ish music venue that opened up not too long ago. It’s a smaller venue which gives it a more personal, cozy feel. It’s located at 306 N. Halsted. Gonna be a good one!


Get hype:


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