Balkan Crazy Style

Balkan Beat Box. Photo by Timothy Lloyd via WikiMedia.

Music serves a handful of purposes: to laugh, cry, relax or to simply get dowwwnn.  In my case,  it’s all of the above with a heavy emphasis on the latter.
I love to get down to my favorite beats but there are those amazing instances when I hear music that surges with energy that flows inside and out. As of late, that music has been dubstep.

Then today I heard Balkan Beat Box while sitting at my work desk with my headphones on and I wanted to jump up out of my little swivel chair and get down to “Hermetico” in front of my editor.
Thankfully, I possess a small amount of self-control that helped me keep my dignity.

But on the serious tip this Israeli music group is nicer than nice as far as electro-fusion music is concerned. The group was started by Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat who met each other in Brooklyn, New York as teenagers. As I read, they couldn’t find a genre that fit them, so they created a fabulous genre of their own.
Ori Kaplan is on saxophone while Tamir Muskat is drums, percussion and programming.  As of 2006 the duo included Tomer Yosef who does lead vocals, percussion and samples. The group features a number of other members on instruments for live performances.
Some of their tracks are reminiscent of Beats Antique, which isn’t surprising seeing as though Beats Antique snags musical influences from belly dancing and Indian dance.  Balkan Beat Box is a great deal different though grabbing musical influences from Mediterranean music styles and fusing them with electro, hip hop beats which ultimately equals out to dopeness.

If you can appreciate a purely fresh and new sound that will no doubt get your blood flowing, then check out Balkan Beat Box.  

The track that nearly cost me my job, and dignity, at work:

And one more for good measure:


~ by frantunes on April 6, 2011.

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  1. Stay on your grind…

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