You’re hurting my heart dear North Coast

Pudd can't believe this either.

How ya gonna play me like that North Coast?!

Allow me to explain.

North Coast Music Festival is back in motion this year for their second annual run. To this I say, “Helll yessss!!” The combined efforts of Chicago’s independent promoters React Presents, Silver Wrapper, Cold Grums Productions, Kingtello and Metronome Chicago created an awesome festival last year and I am so happy it has returned. The line up this year is insane with STS9, Bassnectar, David Guetta, The Hood Internet, Fatboy Slim, Rusko, Lotus, Orchard Lounge, the list goes on and on and on, literally.  Not to mention the large amount of after parties that will be taking place after the festival ends each night.

This is where my problem lies!

Friday’s late nights include Wolfgang Gartner w/ SBTRKT at The Mid, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Soul Summit DJs: Dave Mata, Duke Grip and Sloppy White at The Double Door, The Hood Internet with Midnight Conspiracy at The Bottom Lounge, James Zabiela at Sound-Bar and of course STS9 w/ Big Gigantic and Up Until Now (feat. Murphy of STS9) at The Congress Theater.
Whew! Can you handle all of that?

The real issue for this girl right here is on Saturday. Previously, NCMF had Orchard Lounge’s 7-hour set at Smartbar on Saturday September 3 listed as an official NCMF After Party and I totally hopped on that bandwagon because Orchard Lounge always kills it.  But just recently NCMF released a BoomBox and Gramatik show for the same night at the Double Door. As you can see, this definitely isn’t a real “issue” per se, but how does a devoted fan of these three artists choose which show to go to?

Granted, Orchard Lounge frequents Chicago a whole lot more than BoomBox so the potential of seeing them here again in the near future is pretty high. On top of that, I’m not 100% positive but the last time BoomBox came to Chicago for their own show was back in April of 2009 with M02 at Subterranean. That was three years ago! They were here last year for Wicker Park Fest but that’s a one-hour set and in no way compares to them performing their own set at a venue, so this Double Door show on Saturday September 3 is kind of a big deal. Not to mention Gramatik is a Slovenian musical beast signed to the Pretty Lights Music record label and is extremely dope. He meshes electronic and hip-hop beats on a level many artists aim to reach but fall short trying. With all that said, how can you miss out on a BoomBox/Gramatik duo show? Hmmm…you can’t.

But before I put all my eggs in one basket and happily skip on over to the Double Door, it’s extremely important to note that Orchard Lounge’s set is 7 hours long. The show is set to start at 10:00 pm so if you do your math right they’ll be spinning ’till 5:00 am. If I truly was a devoted fan to all of these artists I would see BoomBox and Gramatik at the Double Door and as soon as that show ended I would fly on over to my favorite basement hide-out Smartbar to catch the tail end of Orchard Lounge’s set.

In an ideal world this would work out perfectly and I can swear to you that I will be doing everything in my power on September 3, 2011 to make this exact plan happen. Call me crazy but if you think you’re a true O-lounge/BoomBox/Gramatik fan then I suggest you do the same, man. Watch out!!



~ by frantunes on July 22, 2011.

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