Visions of BOOMBOX

This is getting ridiculous. I have been repeatedly showering my ears with the smooth and funky notes of BoomBox lately and I have to say, I’m not done.  Sure, I’ve pulled the music binge on many artists (ahem, pretty lights) but this is really just an all out BoomBox feast and I can’t stop.

But I’m cool with it because BoomBox has been literally killing it all over the place. I’m a huge fan of Halloween in the Chi but lack of anything fun this year and a show with BoomBox may be pushing me to celebrate All Hallows Eve in Detroit. Heh?
Yes, BoomBox is playing with Claude Von Stroke and Tiga at the Freaky Deaky October 29th at Bert’s Warehouse Theatre in Detroit. I would never consider traveling to Detroit for my Halloween festivities, but the appearance of BoomBox in combination with other dope dj’s is too tempting to say no.
Not to mention I will be catching them before that over in Athens, Georgia for their show there.

If BoomBox is playing soon anywhere near you, it would do you and your music loving ears to go. If not, no problem. Thanks for the extra room on the dance floor.


~ by frantunes on September 30, 2011.

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