Let’s Get Drunk and Gritty with R.E.B.L Music

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There are a lot of people these days that say hip hop is dead. For a while, I was one of them but that’s only because I wasn’t looking in the right places. For one, you certainly won’t find real hip hop on the wavelengths flowing over the radio. All you’ll find there are watered down, pampered and embarrassing remnants of what started out as true expression of self and culture. OK, so there may still be an expression of self and culture, but it’s certainly not any self I’d want to associate with. But that’s just me.

What I will associate myself with though is the hip hop duo R.E.B.L Music. I say duo, but they’re not really a duo anymore. Taurus Wrecks and Rokko (vocals) have been on their MC game since 1999, but as of 2011 they added a full band and a fresh spin to their gritty, Chitown style. The combination is truly unique, and not only that but it’s super fly. With Matt McCarthy on guitar, Jay “Cokelogic” Daley on bass, Adam Schurch on drums, Bludshot working the production and the duo on the mic it makes for a great show.

In fact, one of the most hype shows I’ve seen from R.E.B.L Music yet was this past Saturday, February 9th at the Double Door. Coming on after Blah Blah Blah the guys really amped up the somewhat dead scene and got the crowd going. They started off with Windy Citizens, a track that exemplifies the corrupt politics of our lovely Windy City. The guys have intelligent flows that are exceedingly witty at times. Heavy on the Chicago representation, they’ll drop a line and make you think, “Wait, what did they say? Oh, ya, that’s right I am corrupt like my city is.” Well, sometimes. That aside, the guys are talented in the flows department and when you add the funky, laid-back beat the band behind them delivers it makes for a complete sound.

This past Saturday that sound was really rich. With the seemingly STS9-influenced guitar riffs carrying the duo’s flow their sound doesn’t just appeal to the hip hop heads hungry for wordplay, but adds an element you can really get down and dirty to. I like that a lot because the guys’ flows are a bit gritty and in your face- kind of like the city of wind itself. Further into their show the guys played Animal– a super funky beat with rough and to-the-point flows. Often times T-Wrecks and Rokko remind me of the Kentucky-based group CunninLynguists, not only because of the style, their cunning linguistics and their ear-perking beats, but also the gritty, matter-of-fact way they deliver their craft. Not to be mistaken though, R.E.B.L Music has a style all their own and they do quite well with it.

They closed their show out with Let’s Get Drunk (where McCarthy laid down a sick guitar-riff session), Speaker City and Mind Skips. The show was a ton of fun and I could see that the group has been putting in work and getting synched up to weave their sounds together. So far that combination of sound is smooth, gritty and a whole bag of fun. If you get the chance to catch R.E.B.L Music next time they’re around, it would be a wise decision on your part.

Check out the video below of the guys performing at the Double Door this past Saturday. AND Check out some of their tracks here.

Also, check out Matt’s sweet guitar sesh during Speaker City:


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